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Started by SerenePony
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Not sure if there is any place to post this, but I wanted some place to post character tags that could be set as "Character:name" tags.

I will add as I go, but if others discover something then they can post it here too.

First one I have found is Bloomberg the tree.
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I was posting these in "Alias and Implication Requests," but having a dedicated thread is probably reasonable.

Anyway, I have several:

* Nurse Snowheart. Actually, the "character" version of this tag does exist (and is correctly aliased to "character:nurse coldheart"), but there is also a non-character-tagged version of the tag, "nurse snowheart," that exists and seems to reference the same character.

* Nurse Tenderheart. In this case, there is just a "Nurse Tenderheart" tag referencing a particular character.

* Vera. As with Nurse Tenderheart, there is just the version without the "character:" segment.
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I have more:

Welcome inn (not many pictures of him here).
Auntie applesauce
Goldie Delicious
Apple Rose

Grand Pear
Squabble I know his name is also murdock, but I found that Squabble is also his name

Will keep an eye open for more, can anyone from the site let us know when these character tags have been sorted, that way we can keep things up to date.
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I've added all of those listed above. So sorry it took so long! Please keep 'em coming if you find more! Your work is much appreciated!
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i'm gonna go through to find character tags i'll try to do it by categories tho

g4 toy only ponies (not including blind bags, theres so many, ill do those next probably):
daisy dreams
rainbow flash
lily blossom
cupcake (g4) (should prob be character:cupcake)
dewdrop dazzle
lulu luck
twinkleshine (toy line) — had to split her from the show pony, since her design is pretty distinct. decided on the (toy line) suffix for now?
star dreams
sweetie swirl
star swirl — probably needs a split from g3 star swirl
cherry pie
diamond rose
baby sunny daze — needed a split from the show filly. went with "baby sunny daze" as the toy is one of the so soft newborns
apple sprout
princess skyla
lullaby moon
sunny rays
twirly treats
holly dash
princess sterling
princess gold lily
sea breezie
sunset breezie — i already split it to character:* bc there was only one image and the other two were sunset shimmer as a breezie
diamond mint
honey rays
pretzel twist — the toy is just "pretzel" but it's the same pony
meadow flower
royal ribbon
bubble splash
sea poppy
haven bay
starbeam twinkle
morphin pink pony — man, the crossover collection ponies were weird

no images yet but i plan on looking for all the images i can find of the toy ponies so i'll list them here regardless:
- jelly bee
- lily drop
- crystal pearl
- ocean gem
- sea foam
- sun twist
- flash feather
- flutter cloud
- my little prime
- mystaria
- shadow star
- spinner talltail
- valor stronghoof
- woodheart the kind
- peggy mane
- right hoof red

that should be all of them, at least the brushables and their associated types of toys. i only left out the one of a kind ones. there's also a so soft named lily but i can't find any images of her on this site.

..also, "toy only" may be wrong for some of these as they may have been obscure bg ponies too
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Similarly to the above, the tag guardian angel (character) should be aliased to character:guardian angel

(I’m on mobile right now, so providing links is awkward)
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Something I discovered today but wanted to post for consideration instead of simply addressing was the question of epona, and the tags of characters from other series in general. Basically, should they be given "character:" tags or not? On the one hand, they're not MLP characters, but on the other they sometimes appear in a substantial amount of art, sometimes as the focus or only character (as with Epona), so you can make arguments in either direction.

I would be in favor of treating them on an equal plane with show characters, because I think this makes it less confusing for searches (any non-oc is searched for by "character:name") and aids in the work of checking whether things are appropriately tagged by grouping the character tag to the top and coloring it, so that it can be seen more easily.
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@Workable Goblin
character: tags should be reserved for official MLP characters. Other non-MLP characters just have their name as a tag, no oc: or character:
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For the record, when romulus replied I took that as the end of the discussion.

Anyway, I have a bunch more character tags to report. First off, there's Uncle Orange, who actually has three tags right now that should be aliased together:

* uncle orangecharacter:uncle orange
* mosley orangecharacter:uncle orange

Next, there's…well, a good chunk of the Apple family:
* apple brown bettycharacter:apple brown betty
* apple cinnamoncharacter:apple cinnamon
* apple cobblercharacter:apple cobbler
* apple crumble → character:apple crumble
* apple dumplingcharacter:apple dumpling
* apple leavescharacter:apple leaves
* apple mintcharacter:apple mint
* apple splitcharacter:apple split
* apple squashcharacter:apple squash
* apple strudelcharacter:apple strudel
* apple top → character:apple top
* bushel
* hoss
* candy applescharacter:candy apples
* florina tart
* minty apple
* gala applebycharacter:gala appleby
* half baked applecharacter:half baked apple
* jonagold
* marmalade jalapeno poppette
* liberty belle → character:liberty belle
* perfect pie
* apple pie (character)
* pink ladycharacter:pink lady
* red galacharacter:red gala
* red junecharacter:red june
* sweet tooth → character:sweet tooth

I have not finished creating these tags due to the (relatively) late time here…also, I did not suggest tags for several pairs of characters that appear to actually be the same character, e.g. Perfect Pie and Apple Pie seem to actually refer to the same pony. It's somewhat difficult to tell in some cases because many of these characters appear mostly in group shots and so are hard to unambiguously identify.
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