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Detailed descriptions on tags?

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Hey, another question, this one of no real importance. I was wondering if Manebooru does/will possibly someday allow for fan works to have detailed descriptions, similar to Derpibooru (I know you must be sick of hearing "will this Derpi feature be used" but here we are…) As an example, on Derpi the "oc:brownie bun" tag explains briefly who she is and has a small picture of her. And if that is something Manebooru wants to include, what is the criteria of notability for a tag to get that?

The reason I'm asking is I recently uploaded 103 images to my own "series:who we become" tag, and I'm a vain bitch who wants to feel special about herself with a detailed description lmao. I get that stuff like this probably isn't a priority right now, and even if it's not an intended feature at all I'm not stressing it, I just figured I'd ask.
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Sure thing, just let a staff member know what you want the description to be and we'll add it to the tag. This goes for artist: tags as well. Hopefully we can get more artist control over such things in the future as development continues!
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