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Tagging Guidelines

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This post is pretty much the same as the static page, but it will help with visibility.

By now, if you're here, you might be confused or intrigued about some of our choices, like for example the prefixes. The objective is always to help and facilitate specific and specialised searches without hurting general ones.

With that said, I will expand on a few of our choices that might raise an eyebrow:

— There are five Twilight Sparkle tags, all with prefixes of course. Twilight Sparkle (unicorn), Twilight Sparkle (Alicorn), Twilight Sparkle (EQG) and Twilight Sparkle (SciTwi). I hope it's obvious why we chose to allow users to make a distinction of her forms. The fifth tag is just Twilight Sparkle and it is implied by the others, that one does not make distinctions.

— For pretty much the same reason, we have Spike and Spike (dog). In this case we didn't think it would be important to distinguish between the Spike that goes through the portal and the one that is native to EQG.

— The character: prefix might seem unnecessary at first given the fairly unique names of the most popular characters, but it has already proven useful for cases like Aloe, Boulder, Daisy or Lily.

— The episode: prefix is likely the one least needed, but it's good to have consistency.

— The ship: prefix was created because searching for your favourite ships is something that should be easy to do. Sometimes the name contractions become something with meaning, like SunLight. It will also help in tandem with the parents: prefix, so that you don't get results where only the hypothetical child is present

And of course, aliases and implications will help tie everything together and make searching for what you want as painless as possible. For requesting some of those, please head on over to the appropriate thread, we're always eager to consider links we may have missed.

That's all I have right now. Feel free to use this thread to ask for further clarifications or explanations, as well as suggestions and feedback.
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