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Carry me, mister Anon!

Hi to all!
I do commissions now :3
Prices are
sketch — $1, line — $3, full art — $10
You can PM me here, on derpi, or there Tumblr Deviantart

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Posted previously at: 2018-11-12T17:33:43 | Posted previously by: Ruanshi
safe987541 artist:ruanshi108 derpibooru original13396 character:queen chrysalis19531 species:human74987 armpits26221 ball2135 blushing105577 child532 cute126884 cutealis1353 dark skin2376 female741183 humanized53234 implied chryslestia8 implied lesbian1984 solo626348 toy6986 upsies83 younger10820


not provided yet


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