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I started working on my alicorn princess template and came up with Lovalia here as a test. Her name is a play on "love all of ya".

She's the princess of affection, and asks that her subjects greet her with a hug instead of a bow. When she does a pony loaf, her mane and tail form the shape of a heart. Instead of a throne, she has a large cushion, and invites visiting subjects to cuddle with her under her wing while they talk about their problems. Tough love is something she's rather shy about, as she always worries being too firm might end up harming instead of helping, so she's an extremely soft-spoken princess.

Her diet consists mostly of sweets. Her natural sweetness makes her able to perfectly metabolize sugar, turning excess into magic to make her more powerful. Changelings are known to bring candy tributes in exchange for cuddles. Since she has opened her doors to them, it has been a rare sight to see an underfed changeling, and candy business has never been better. Despite being able to turn sugar into pure energy, she is capable of thiccening herself up a bit when someone wants softer cuddles.

If she's going to be used in vore, SHE DOES NOT DIGEST. Her stomach fluids heal and sustain any guests in her belly, and have a blue-white glow to them. Lovalia does not harm or kill. Anyone asking her to do so is a cause for concern to her. The well-being of others is paramount to her.

Beyond that, this character may be used freely, provided credit is given. Image free under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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