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Posted previously at: 2019-12-10T02:28:14 | Posted previously by: ApplejackFan204
safe989757 screencap194612 character:princess luna65764 species:alicorn136666 species:pony666952 episode:between dark and dawn1357 g4281273 my little pony: friendship is magic163207 alternate hairstyle17341 beach9228 beach chair323 coconut drink10 crossed hooves1227 crossed legs2018 eyes closed54766 eyeshadow8842 female742944 glowing horn12460 hair bun2130 hooves behind head184 horn31499 levitation7697 magic45483 magic aura2912 makeup11499 mare293393 open mouth82157 reclining245 relaxing912 satisfied84 sexy17975 solo627700 stupid sexy princess luna391 sunglasses8742 telekinesis17564 vacation170 we don't normally wear clothes564


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