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So, amidst the craze for X-COM2's new "Chimera Squad" expansion, it occured to me that I hadn't seen a viper version of the Mane6. I've decided to do all of them, themed correctly to each pony, starting with Fluttershy. Technically, I started with Twilight Snekle, but that's a scrap doodle I'll upload after I'm done with all the others ;)

Because this was the first one, I found myself fiddling quite a lot with the pattern on the back. Looks fine "naked," but I wanted to better-incorporate Fluttershy's colors, so I created a diamond pattern… which felt lazy, so I spent some hours attempting to make a "butterfly" pattern (thus incorporating her cutie mark, too) until I found one which works :3

Enjoy all 3 versions! :D

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Posted previously at: 2020-04-22T03:52:00 | Posted previously by: eqlipse
safe994412 alternate version22466 artist:eqlipse140 character:fluttershy116222 species:anthro147932 :c340 curled up203 cute129707 female746916 fluttersnake28 frown14841 grass5761 hiding898 looking at you100546 painterly101 peeking439 scared6560 serpent46 shy2286 shyabetes8816 sky9060 snake1307 snek54 solo630492 species swap12694 wallpaper12187 x-com59


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