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I think my heart exploded from Scootaloo cutely squeeing like that. I think Hasbro was trying to kill us with that squee.

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Posted previously at: 2020-04-26T21:36:11 | Posted previously by: Willight Robinbine
safe989757 screencap194612 character:apple bloom27845 character:scootaloo27957 character:sweetie belle26198 character:twilight sparkle172198 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75909 species:alicorn136667 species:earth pony142003 species:pegasus186545 species:pony666952 species:unicorn185009 episode:twilight time721 g4281272 my little pony: friendship is magic163207 animated64337 cute127822 cutealoo1897 eye shimmer864 golden oaks library3116 hnnng1674 sound5066 squee1338 too cute28 weapons-grade cute2514 webm7422 wings70385 youtube link2414


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