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Auto-imported from (2381556)

Pom wallpaper from the Mane6 media webpage.

Upvotes at import: 61 | Stars at import: 41
Posted previously at: 2020-06-23T04:47:31 | Posted previously by: VixsFixs
safe988296 artist:mane688 community related2026 part of a set7491 character:pom lamb305 species:dog5660 species:sheep823 them's fightin' herds2119 bell2553 bell collar1272 cloven hooves6478 collar17282 cute127297 desktop background38 duo38733 female741944 frown14643 gray background4265 green391 green eyes2298 green outline3 high res16939 lamb263 logo1623 nervous3507 no pupils2470 one leg raised126 outline541 puppy373 purple576 purple outline3 raised hoof28828 simple background235127 solo626958 standing6886 stars9141 wallpaper12206


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