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As Cosmos power increased, her form became ever more distorted, and her physical being began to break up at the seams of reality. No physical limits could contain her power, nor did she desire to be contained. So powerful was she – that power was all she desired to be, not a mere shell to house the power in, but to be a force, as raw and simple as the chaotic energies that made up her cosmic being.

Like suns, balls of gas made of fire that seemed to existed in a constant state of exploding. A beacon of burning plasma, excrementing particles of light that sung out against the darkness of the void.

As more and more of these titans became part of her being, Cosmos took their song and turned it into a scream. She would become the new light across the void. Not merely a source of warmth and rays. But the light itself. A baleful chaotic light that radiates her malice across the emptiness between the stars at speeds that by her will exceeded the pitiful speed of light. A chaotic light that by the force of her will would only accelerate as it filled the void with her presence.

Everywhere her light touched, her chaos would rule – Not just upon the surface of the worlds the illuminated – but the very void between the planets as well. The very darkness of space would be transformed as her chaotic light particles traveled through it.

Like the slime of a slug – the baleful chaotic light remained after cosmos as she traversed the void. Like a stain upon the fabric of space itself. For by her will – her chaotic illumination would not
require a source. It would forever remain – forever traveling outward. Expanding her influence at speeds ever greater then the speed of light.

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safe994420 artist:grimmyweirdy152 character:cosmos431 comic:cosmic cosmos62 g4283494 bigger than a planet16 body horror815 cosmic horror17 eldritch abomination449 eye858 fiery wings101 fire eyes4 grimdark series4366 grotesque series1767 mutation104 no pony3467 planet749 sun3877 tentacles6249 this train has no brakes19 transformation6461 wings71830 xk-class end-of-the-universe scenario24


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