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Auto-imported from (2428650)

Let's see what happens if we disable the Tree Of Harmony's collision before King Sombra Destroys it.

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Posted previously at: 2020-08-22T04:40:21 | Posted previously by: SuperStar17
safe979565 artist:kayman13198 character:applejack97063 character:fluttershy114885 character:king sombra7184 character:pinkie pie119571 character:rainbow dash128864 character:rarity104478 character:tree of harmony487 character:twilight sparkle171110 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75347 species:alicorn134507 species:pegasus182058 species:pony654947 species:umbrum656 species:unicorn180235 episode:the beginning of the end1662 g4263369 my little pony: friendship is magic162844 alicon9 arrow1278 arrows85 confused2988 crystal1702 dark crystal153 mane six16549 noughtpointforlive5 tree of harmony444 wat8582


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