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Summertime in Italy.
I miss travelling ;3;

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Posted previously at: 2020-09-05T21:25:23
safe979566 artist:anticular511 character:apple bloom27582 character:scootaloo27755 character:sweetie belle26011 species:earth pony137525 species:pegasus182059 species:pony654948 species:unicorn180236 g4263370 chest fluff22205 clothing294367 cutie mark crusaders10951 dress26616 female732039 filly35331 hat51890 italy96 jeans2449 looking at each other11450 mare283642 overalls1001 pants9356 shirt14342 smiling147030 sun hat564 sunglasses8600 t-shirt2309 trio5772 wallpaper12178


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