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Here is the new vector edit image of mine! :P My two favorite villains in the show, Lord Tirek and King Sombra, has teamed up and they work together to destroy Manehatten! While Sombra corrupts all the inhabitants to do his bidding, Tirek steals all their magic as well. Who will stop them!?

I done images with these two before, but I feel like doing another one! xD I just wish these two had more scenes together in the show and they actually interacted with each other. Maybe they bicker and argue on which one of them are the better villains. xDD I can totally see that happen! However, they put their differences aside and work together in this image and they realize how strong they are as a duo! Now that is an achievement for these two male big bads! xDD


Sombra and Tirek vectors by Chrzanek97

Background by Vector-Brony!

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Posted previously at: 2020-10-14T03:24:55 | Posted previously by: CrystalKing17
safe976135 artist:chrzanek97224 artist:nukarulesthehouse155 artist:vector-brony695 edit85762 character:king sombra7159 character:lord tirek3127 species:centaur1734 species:pony651158 species:umbrum631 species:unicorn178642 g4259265 antagonist861 armor14523 arms191 beard2179 black mane164 bracer224 cape6246 chestplate64 claws3412 clothing293088 cloven hooves6240 colored hooves3318 colored horn320 crown9676 curved horn4004 destroyed69 destroyed building9 destruction967 duo36927 evil1609 evil grin2640 facial hair3845 fist333 flowing mane766 flowing tail145 grin21856 hand4301 hooves9815 horn27996 horns3402 implied shipping2773 male194472 manehattan661 muscles6534 nose piercing1563 nose ring1277 piercing21722 regalia11403 sharp teeth1993 smiling145918 smirk7114 sombrek7 stallion63007 strong135 teeth4953 vector49767 vector edit1779 wristband2207


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