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weird horse

inspired by Shoutingisfun’s art and anon, both are great

Followup to
>>1756430 t
safe977457 artist:shinodage428 oc373018 oc only250235 oc:anon4375 oc:delta vee227 species:human74388 species:pegasus181209 species:pony652983 g4261179 bedroom eyes31205 carrot1236 chest fluff21961 clothing293656 comic65987 confused2975 cute122990 dialogue43262 diaveetes10 duo37073 eyeshadow8282 female730332 floppy ears29273 food40939 frown14318 gray background3910 hair over one eye4400 hands in pockets199 head pat155 horse noises364 human male2456 language barrier8 lipstick5183 looking up9139 lost in translation5 makeup10804 male194628 mare282246 messy mane4621 misunderstanding123 mouth hold10639 neigh98 pat172 petting1030 she wants the d68 simple background229698 sitting37112 speech bubble13641 surprised5569 tank top4644 wide eyes10396 wing hands1248 wing hold247


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