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Posted previously at: 2016-01-13T22:14:03
safe987457 artist:ncmares710 character:princess cadance18550 character:princess celestia55888 character:princess luna65711 character:twilight sparkle172010 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75784 species:alicorn136345 species:pony664649 equestria daily438 g4279533 alicorn tetrarchy667 ask majesty incarnate94 clothing298811 dashie slippers120 disguise2765 fake cutie mark303 female741099 hoodie8463 levitation7633 magazine440 magic45322 majestic as fuck882 mare291685 my eyes are up here29 open mouth81578 paper-thin disguise92 simple background234789 slippers663 socks37190 sticky note165 striped socks12048 sunglasses8723 telekinesis17467 twily slippers3 white background55068 wig579


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