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Posted previously at: 2018-03-10T21:17:14
source needed8632 useless source url1358 safe977457 artist:ncmares709 character:twilight sparkle170907 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75185 oc373018 oc:anon4375 species:alicorn134127 species:human74388 species:pony652983 g4261179 cheek fluff3279 chest fluff21961 dialogue43262 ear fluff16560 female730332 giant pony2735 grayscale22224 growth3226 macro6451 mare282246 mega twilight sparkle84 monochrome84959 onomatopoeia2064 simple background229698 spread wings30823 text25864 tree19203 white background53473 wings65386


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