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Oleander's magic will bring light to the world as she says, making Twilight Sparkle curious about it!

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Was potentially going to be a WLF contest entry, but then they closed it early.

Didn't get much art done in October. Full group shots end up taking plenty of time, and I have mixed feelings about how this turned out _
safe980293 artist:spacekitty160 character:applejack97093 character:fili-second542 character:fluttershy114953 character:humdrum275 character:mistress marevelous473 character:pinkie pie119619 character:radiance501 character:rainbow dash128901 character:rarity104508 character:saddle rager502 character:spike45080 character:twilight sparkle171163 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75372 character:zapp513 species:alicorn134745 species:dragon33127 species:earth pony138264 species:pegasus182688 species:pony656575 species:unicorn180792 episode:power ponies2002 g4269912 my little pony: friendship is magic162872 license:cc-by-nc-nd442 clothing294742 costume15976 digital art9665 female732904 lasso768 male195050 mare284457 spread wings31290 vector50013 wings66355


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