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I hadn’t made a unicorn Twilight wallpaper yet, so what better time to remedy that than months after the series finale!

I had some hiccups in making this one and big Twi… life stuff, switching my website hosting provider, and some new hardware — including an ultrawide monitor. So I went ahead and added 21:9 versions for each!
safe979505 artist:spacekitty153 character:twilight sparkle171108 character:twilight sparkle (unicorn)9720 species:pony654876 species:unicorn180221 g4263323 license:cc-by-nc-nd435 abstract background8043 book20236 cutie mark26696 digital art9626 female732006 mare283613 open mouth79007 prancing328 silhouette1587 smiling147022 solo619234 vector49990


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