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My lovely patron Meganought requested a 'which one do I shoot?' Patreon sketch commission featuring both @manebooru 's Cloudy Canvas, and Confetti-

Can you tell these two rainbow pones apart?
safe980289 artist:confetticakez633 oc373726 oc only250978 oc:cloudy canvas23 oc:confetti cupcake13 species:bat pony29396 species:kirin5097 species:pony656571 g4269910 among us60 bat pony oc9984 clothing294741 commissioner:meganought1 crossover35914 dialogue43569 duo37378 duo female6038 featured image56 female732900 gray background3978 hat51969 kirin oc697 mare284453 non-pony oc500 party hat1437 pointing2743 raised eyebrow4738 simple background230952


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3 comments posted
Anonymous #575E
So, is the party hat the kirin horn replacement? …
Tbh, they feel totally different except for them both having rainbow colors and fur color based on white.
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Never realized how similar they were until now. Maybe they're long lost twins! Somehow lol