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This is one of my most ambitious sketches yet, and surprisingly, it came pretty easily! I didn't have a plan, really. I started with Twilight, then drew Pinkie Pie, then Applejack, then realized her hat could go on Pinkie Pie's hoof. Then I knew I had to do Fluttershy and Rarity somehow, so I fit them in where it made the most sense to minimize the total space required to fit all 6.

This was basically an exercise in Pony Tetris, now that I think about it. Anyway, for those of you that somehow get notified when I do scraps (or you're lurking in my galleries), then congrats on getting a sneak peak on an upcoming piece of artwork :)
safe979565 artist:pony-thunder28 character:applejack97063 character:fluttershy114885 character:pinkie pie119571 character:rainbow dash128864 character:rarity104478 character:twilight sparkle171110 species:earth pony137524 species:pegasus182058 species:pony654947 species:unicorn180235 g4263369 applejack's hat3898 chest fluff22205 clothing294367 cowboy hat9281 cuddle puddle196 cuddling4864 cute123580 dashabetes6214 diapinkes6276 eyes closed53427 female732038 group2125 hat51890 jackabetes3723 mane six16549 mare283641 monochrome85004 open mouth79017 pile298 pony pile488 raribetes3471 shyabetes8384 simple background230552 sketch34311 sleeping13053 smiling147030 snoring403 stetson3605 tongue out53747 twiabetes7762 white background53697


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