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From source:

Maybe Sunny and Argyle low key celebrate Nightmare Nights to keep it going in a small way. All things considered.

This painting, tho, trying to find that anatomical style balance slightly between the movie and my own.


Approx Time: ~7 hours (Not counting separate concepts/sketches)
Photoshop CC
Round Brush
safe980293 artist:assasinmonkey818 character:argyle starshine16 character:star swirl the bearded1344 character:sunny starscout1202 species:earth pony138264 species:pony656575 g4269912 g52993 my little pony: a new generation532 assasinmonkey is trying to murder us3 clothing294742 coat markings1242 colored hooves3745 costume15976 cute123878 daughter314 eyebrows1758 fake horn464 father289 father and child299 father and daughter1254 featured image56 female732904 filly35373 filly sunny17 halloween4514 halloween costume900 holiday10415 hooves10456 lion225 looking at each other11492 male195050 nightmare night2894 nightmare night costume1111 open mouth79310 open smile261 parent and child41 raised hoof27879 smiling147422 socks (coat marking)1983 stallion63416 sunnybetes242 the wizard of oz98 unshorn fetlocks15395 young988


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I wonder if this is a reference to Applejack's lion costume? Assasinmonkey has done images of it before…