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safe980289 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen857 character:applejack97093 character:fluttershy114953 character:pinkie pie119619 character:rainbow dash128901 character:rarity104508 character:sunny starscout1202 character:twilight sparkle171163 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75372 species:alicorn134745 species:earth pony138261 species:pegasus182686 species:pony656571 species:unicorn180789 g4269910 g52991 my little pony: a new generation531 abstract background8173 applejack's hat3909 artificial horn49 artificial wings927 augmented1544 belly fluff131 braid3881 butt fluff175 cheek feathers9 cheek fluff3359 chest feathers21 chest fluff22317 clothing294741 coat markings1240 colored hooves3743 cowboy hat9298 cutie mark26846 ear fluff16941 ear tufts299 eyes closed53548 feathered fetlocks330 female732900 fluffy8658 freckles17329 grin21972 hat51969 hoof fluff790 hooves10454 horn28785 leg fluff1920 leonine tail4694 magic44702 magic horn33 magic wings415 mane six16559 mare284453 missing cutie mark2263 neck feathers19 one eye closed16839 open mouth79308 open smile260 princess sunny starscout1 profile3716 race swap8130 raised eyebrow4738 signature13935 smiling147419 socks (coat marking)1981 solo focus10762 sparkles2817 spread wings31289 stetson3619 sunnycorn28 tail13443 tail feathers530 twilight sparkle's cutie mark12 unshorn fetlocks15394 wings66354 wink14017


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