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From source:

EQG Apple Bloom. Must've been a really nice sunset for her to be staring like that. Too bad we can't see it :P
safe983169 artist:symbianl384 character:apple bloom27684 species:human74740 g4274525 my little pony:equestria girls128140 adorabloom1834 apple family member2012 boots12947 clothing296381 colored eyebrows901 colored pupils6201 cute125128 eared humanization1160 eyebrows4406 fence1704 grass field398 human coloration2869 humanized53062 mountain3178 mountain range378 open mouth80337 open smile553 shoes21547 signature14828 smiling148805 solo622532 species swap11749 stars8988 sunset3128 tail14253 tailed humanization1416 tree19437 weapons-grade cute2485


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