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Two Sockies for the Price of One!🧦

More silly sketches | (• ◡•)|
safe988302 artist:rexyseven233 oc376113 oc only252885 oc:rusty gears166 oc:whispy slippers90 species:earth pony141607 species:pony665449 abstract background8938 blushing105676 clothing299144 cute127302 duo38733 duo female6567 female741953 females only7986 freckles17972 glasses36432 heterochromia3117 holding2123 looking at you98920 mare292423 mouth hold10905 ocbetes3762 orange background474 ponytail11615 shoes22024 simple background235130 sketch34798 slippers666 socks37229 suggestive source93 tongue out54505


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