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safe983169 artist:palibrik1 oc374702 oc only251762 oc:littlepip2134 species:pony659912 species:unicorn182206 fallout equestria8712 g4274525 clothing296381 cloud17987 colored eyebrows901 crossover36086 eyebrows4406 fallout1850 female736395 glowing79 glowing horn12015 gun8352 handgun1486 horn29689 levitation7553 lidded eyes19301 looking at you96698 looking down4766 looking down at you255 magic44961 magic aura2617 mare287697 mountain3178 outdoors5365 revolver900 shading1030 sky8479 solo622532 tail14253 telekinesis17291 three quarter view2065 vault suit1927 weapon17430


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