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From source (18 May 2022):

Flying lessons :>
#mlpgen5 #mlp
safe983895 artist:foxaily1 character:sunny starscout1479 character:zipp storm638 species:alicorn135566 species:earth pony140101 species:pegasus184300 species:pony660883 g53844 my little pony: a new generation887 adorazipp76 alicornified2938 blushing104827 cloud18043 coat markings1564 colored eyebrows1007 colored hooves4536 cute125394 duo37908 eyebrows4916 eyes closed54119 female737310 flying24190 grin22066 hooves11493 magic horn47 magic wings429 mare288429 profile4694 race swap8186 sky8534 smiling149087 socks (coat marking)2277 spread wings32334 sunnybetes347 sunnycorn42 unshorn fetlocks16118 wings68198


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