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From source (13 May 2022):

The famous Sweetie Bot has arrived straight from Friendship is Witchcraft! I haven't drawn her in a good 9 years I believe, so I wanted to give her a bit of an upgrade.

Commission Me:
safe983895 artist:malachimoet2 character:sweetie belle26104 species:pony660883 species:unicorn182598 friendship is witchcraft350 sweetie bot607 g4275544 alternate universe4884 female737310 filly35637 foal8842 glowing85 glowing eyes6563 glowing horn12062 green background1238 grin22066 horn29963 looking at you97125 magic45021 magic aura2646 robot4260 robot pony1978 simple background233114 smiling149087 smiling at you1397 solo623240 young1280


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