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[Alternate Source.](
safe985238 artist:snowballflo8 artist:truebluflo4 character:sunset shimmer40364 character:twilight sparkle171748 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75662 species:alicorn135928 species:pony662577 species:unicorn183357 ship:sunsetsparkle2742 g4277142 my little pony:equestria girls128330 boop4600 chest fluff22854 colored hooves4723 colored wings4110 colored wingtips1095 crossed horns6 cute125920 dock24139 duo38289 eye contact3882 female738970 floating heart1242 glowing horn12167 gradient background7666 heart25419 hooves11761 hooves on chest4 horn30543 horns are touching405 lesbian50770 looking at each other11734 magic45153 mare289810 multicolored hair4706 multicolored wings2168 nose to nose99 noseboop1750 pink background1513 profile4861 raised hoof28506 shimmerbetes3182 shipping103026 signature15245 simple background233887 smiling149656 tail feathers535 twiabetes7890 wings68847


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