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let me join this goth izzy trend
i wonder what they’re talking about? 👀✨
safe985144 artist:sakukitty83 character:fluttershy115543 character:izzy moonbow1973 species:pegasus184847 species:pony662476 species:unicorn183315 g4277056 g54294 clothing297866 collar17241 dialogue44249 ear piercing14522 earring11948 eyeshadow8764 female738872 fishnets2745 fluttergoth526 glowing114 glowing horn12162 goth1286 goth izzy152 gradient hair2430 horn30515 jewelry37077 magic45146 makeup11405 mare289720 multicolored hair4689 nail polish4349 open mouth81029 phone3722 phone call33 piercing22207 speech bubble14027 stockings19008 telekinesis17377 text27231 thigh highs19707


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