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they are girlfriends
safe989777 artist:dawnfire869 character:cloudchaser2198 character:flitter1803 species:pegasus186555 species:pony666969 ship:pegacest122 g4281280 blushing105861 boop4629 cute127833 cutechaser70 cutie mark28556 duo39054 duo female6776 eye clipping through hair3984 female742961 females only7995 flitterbetes103 flying24462 heart25675 looking into each others eyes58 mare293410 no pupils2493 not incest53 open mouth82168 open smile1059 profile5351 simple background235523 smiling151411 spread wings33575 tail15641 wings70389


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While Cloudchaser and Flitter are normally depicted as sisters, Dawnfire said in the replies:
I have absolutely never heard the head canon that they are sisters just FYI and it’s certainly not mine ! They are just cute background ponies in the show as far as I know

However, the ship:pegacest tag is still the usual one for a ship of Cloudchaser and Flitter, so it was appropriate here even though the actual art is not supposed to be incestuous.