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Midnight Spelunking ⛏️

You know what they say about it…
…don't do that
safe985209 artist:rexyseven202 oc375557 oc only252452 oc:rusty gears146 oc:whispy slippers76 species:earth pony140569 species:pony662544 bump173 butt22553 butt touch2075 clothing297892 crossover36281 cutie mark28139 don't mine at night48 duo38282 duo female6431 eyebrows5962 eyebrows visible through hair2100 female738941 females only7900 freckles17773 glasses36342 heterochromia3109 holding2026 imminent death1230 lava516 mare289783 minecraft1228 mouth hold10841 pickaxe344 ponytail11541 scarf13687 shoes21795 slippers651 socks37097 striped socks12018 sweater8696 this will end in death1214 video game2488


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