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The @RexxySexxy now has a beautiful and elegant rocket. Be happy!🚀✨
safe986150 artist:sofiko-ko90 oc375812 oc only252579 oc:rusty gears151 species:earth pony140909 species:pony663338 bandage3372 box2738 clothing298217 cute126243 daaaaaaaaaaaw2323 filly35736 freckles17831 heterochromia3117 hooves11906 lamp1569 looking at you98125 looking back30832 looking back at you7708 ocbetes3603 one hoof raised762 open mouth81244 poster2673 shirt14959 sitting38263 socks37137 solo625350 striped socks12028 tail15150 toy6963 young1377


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