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From source (22 September 2022):
oonlit Breeze had a little party and after they carved the pumpkins, she told a very terrifying tale about one demonic pone with flamed pumpkin head.

Pumpkin Patch, Spookie and Moonlit Breeze © me
safe986150 artist:spookyle222 oc375812 oc only252579 oc:moonlit breeze13 oc:pumpkin patch48 oc:spookie11 species:bat pony29711 species:kirin5324 species:pony663338 g4278120 bat pony oc10148 chest fluff22916 cloven hooves6441 colored hooves4829 cute126243 female739883 food41640 halloween4572 holiday10668 hooves11906 jack-o-lantern1260 kirin oc790 mare290472 michael myers14 non-pony oc628 ocbetes3603 open mouth81244 profile4978 pumpkin2317 scrunchy face4400 sitting38263 three quarter view2629


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