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From source (15 August 2022):
The 80s/90s anime aesthetic is so cool, so I gave it a try with my boy ♥️I'll definitely be doing more of this

Big shoutout to @fallkyn_ for their amazing work inspiring this 😍

#AnimeArt #mylittlepony #artistsontwitter #artontwitter

Derpibooru description (19 August 2022):
First time posting my stuff here, woo!
safe986150 artist:scarletdoodle4 oc375812 oc only252579 oc:scarlet breeze2 species:pony663338 g4278120 anime3110 bust28611 cute126243 ear down207 ear fluff17804 eye clipping through hair3695 looking at you98125 male196524 ocbetes3603 portrait19361 red eyes3372 red mane277 signature15411 simple background234201 smiling149952 solo625351 stallion64447 yellow background773


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