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Raffle prize for @TrueJraixen! 💚
First time using a paint brush to draw a pony! 🖌
safe986150 artist:dandy349 oc375812 oc only252579 species:pony663338 species:unicorn183687 :32581 blushing105361 butterfly3897 cloud18155 collar17257 colored hooves4829 cute126243 day650 ear piercing14553 earring11976 eyebrows6253 eyebrows visible through hair2203 eyelashes4906 female739883 flower15291 hooves11906 jewelry37231 mare290472 ocbetes3603 one hoof raised762 open mouth81244 outdoors5545 painting2233 piercing22242 raffle prize132 sitting38263 sky8669 smiling149951 solo625350 tail15150 traditional art65746


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