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A concept drawing of the Pie family that Pasu shared with me as I was writing Call of the Mountain. She has never posted it anywhere, but I have her permission to share it here.

From Pasu: "The Pies are all lion/falcons except Igneous. I just couldn't resist making him my favorite bird: Bearded vulture.

I was also thinking that ears are an old recessive griffin trait. Hence why I gave them to Igneous and Limestone."
safe989757 artist:pasu-chan334 manebooru original383 character:cloudy quartz713 character:igneous rock pie481 character:limestone pie2793 character:marble pie3537 character:maud pie7653 character:pinkie pie120192 species:griffon16192 series:noodleverse266 g4281272 alternate universe5169 daughter374 family2338 father317 father and child328 father and daughter1278 female742945 male197014 mother1384 mother and child902 mother and daughter2928 parent and child115 simple background235516 species swap12438 white background55349


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