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From source (15 October 2022):
Twilight ship asks’ galore.
safe989701 artist:chub-wub397 part of a set7548 character:sunset shimmer40463 character:twilight sparkle172187 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75902 species:alicorn136655 species:pony666901 species:unicorn184988 ship:sunsetsparkle2761 g4281220 my little pony:equestria girls128510 ask16335 blushing105846 chibi8554 cute127797 duo39028 ears back27 eyes closed54761 female742891 happy18901 lesbian51000 looking at each other11920 looking at someone518 mare293345 nuzzling2421 shimmerbetes3200 shipping103435 sitting38656 smiling151366 smiling at each other54 spread wings33560 tumblr22939 twiabetes8036 wings70355


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