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From source (15 October 2022):
Twilight ship asks’ galore.
safe987554 artist:chub-wub394 part of a set7447 character:discord17118 character:twilight sparkle172021 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75791 species:alicorn136362 species:draconequus6521 species:pony664747 ship:discolight145 g4279617 ask16334 beard2232 blushing105577 brown background444 chibi8540 cute126891 duo38623 facial hair3921 fangs15008 female741199 male196712 mare291778 open mouth81605 pouting1327 profile5194 sharp teeth2516 shipping103266 simple background234818 straight64125 tsundere1699 tumblr22939 twiabetes7965


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