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From source (23 November 2022):
She appear in my heart as a Rainbow Dash and Zephyr Breeze kiddo, but all I know now is that she likes when someone call her "Bubbly"
Bubbly likes to talk to other ponies but do not like crowds and when all attention focused on her.She enjoy staying with elderly pegasus in Safe Cloud Retairment home where her dad is working. She is first filly in Dash and Shy family that has markings on hooves and muzzle.
safe986211 artist:rutkotka212 oc375839 oc only252596 oc:bubbly3 parent:rainbow dash3337 parent:zephyr breeze392 species:pegasus185151 species:pony663397 g4278176 abstract background8769 coat markings1688 colored wings4145 cute126269 eyebrows6271 eyebrows visible through hair2207 female739936 filly35743 freckles17833 looking up9331 multicolored wings2201 offspring21843 pegasus oc4238 sitting38271 smiling149974 socks (coat marking)2376 text27366 three quarter view2639 two toned wings1598 wings69078 young1384


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