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From source (21 November 2022):
woah i fially made an account here!
did i mention that misty makes me happy beyond words
safe987554 artist:kreeeeeez11 derpibooru original13396 character:misty brightdawn217 species:human74989 species:pony664747 species:unicorn184290 g54885 clothing298856 coat markings1785 colored fetlocks33 colored hooves5033 cute126891 cutie mark28408 cutie mark on clothes768 dark skin2376 doodle1274 duo38623 fake cutie mark303 female741199 freckles17926 hooves12185 hug17073 human ponidox2086 humanized53235 mare291778 mistybetes111 ponidox4983 self paradox885 self ponidox4676 socks (coat marking)2453 species swap12363 unshorn fetlocks16629


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