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From source (26 November 2022):
I didn't get to watch G5 yet — but I seen Misty on EquestriaDaily and I love her design X3
safe988237 artist:appleneedle103 character:misty brightdawn250 species:pony665374 species:unicorn184529 g55042 my little pony: a new generation993 spoiler:g5412 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark273 art416 butterfly3924 character69 colored hooves5116 cute127273 digital229 draw48 drawing2492 fanart766 female741882 glowing171 heart hoof228 hooves12296 lying down9536 mare292364 mistybetes128 on back12412 paint1196 painting2241 unshorn fetlocks16713


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