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From source (9 September 2022):
Très magnifique! 🍷✨ semi-chibi rarity!
safe987554 artist:dandy384 character:rarity105017 species:anthro147353 species:plantigrade anthro18178 species:unicorn184290 g4279617 abstract background8882 alcohol3954 beatnik rarity333 bedroom eyes31587 beret1170 chibi8540 clothing298856 copic59 crossed legs2016 cute126891 drink3326 eyebrows6756 eyebrows visible through hair2369 eyeshadow8804 female741199 flats197 glass2810 hat52703 high res16784 horn30917 looking at you98590 makeup11448 mare291778 marker drawing510 raribetes3521 shoes22000 sitting38431 skirt23824 smiling150480 solo626357 sweater8747 tail15370 traditional art65817 turtleneck868 upskirt denied136 wine1346 wine glass887


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