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Giant collab sketch for the wonderful folks from the Equestrian Naval Fleet, a fandom Elite Dangerous group!
safe987541 artist:confetticakez777 character:morning dew31 oc375889 oc:aurora rider4 oc:beige2 oc:cherry showers3 oc:cobalt lightning3 oc:confetti cupcake21 oc:coppercore30 oc:dr. romulus13 oc:ferox1 oc:gemini32 oc:lunar aurora40 oc:mellow stardust2 oc:midnight breeze4 oc:nimbus100 oc:piquant pepper9 oc:runic shield11 oc:sapphire tears1 oc:skyfire lumia2 oc:soul13 oc:stellar trace1 oc:thunder breeze29 oc:umber86 oc:winter26 species:alicorn136360 species:bat pony29737 species:kirin5352 species:pegasus185661 species:pony664733 species:unicorn184283 g4279600 alcohol3954 alicorn oc13154 background pony7920 bar755 bat pony oc10153 crossover36441 drink3325 drinking2018 elite dangerous40 equestrian naval fleet2 female741183 gun8390 horn30912 hybrid10225 hybrid oc33 kirin oc797 magic45329 magic aura2802 male196711 mare291768 non-pony oc643 pegasus oc4261 ponies in space13 ponies in video games17 pony oc127 remlok suit12 space station43 species:wolf-pegasus1 stallion64635 text27522 unicorn oc3247 wall of tags1735 weapon17572 wings69550


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Who's the bottom right character? The design is gorgeous!!!