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From source (30 October 2011):
The colored version of a sketch I did of Pinkie Pie. She strikes me as the kind of gal who would tie balloons to her fingers and keep a pocket full of confetti for just the right situation.
safe987574 artist:kamicheetah4 character:pinkie pie120101 species:anthro147355 species:earth pony141387 species:unguligrade anthro28265 g4279638 balloon5763 colored eyebrows1484 confetti1159 cute126903 diapinkes6390 example42 eyebrows6763 female741221 happy18844 looking at you98595 mare291796 open mouth81614 open smile813 pocket confetti2 simple background234827 smiling150493 smiling at you1574 solo626375 three quarter view2929 white background55085


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