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Derpibooru description (5 January 2023):
Shut up and take our money 0w0
safe987541 screencap194439 species:earth pony141376 species:pegasus185661 species:pony664733 episode:bridlewood spog4 g54879 my little pony: tell your tale198 spoiler:g5366 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale109 spoiler:tyts01e434 animated64263 background pony7920 cherry flyaway1 colored hooves5031 colored wings4200 cutie mark28408 ear piercing14579 earring11994 excited1963 female741183 filly35808 foal8948 gif21280 glass2810 hoof hold5315 hooves12183 jewelry37442 looking at each other11832 looking at someone400 male196711 mare291768 minty skylark1 money679 multicolored wings2252 open mouth81600 open smile809 piercing22268 plum library1 shut up and take my money52 smiling150475 sparkly eyes105 squished142 stallion64635 sweat13739 sweatdrop1820 two toned wings1613 unshorn fetlocks16628 wingding eyes12243 wings69550 young1452 youtube link2404


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