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From source (13 October 2022):
i just really like Pipp's face in that screenshot
safe989701 artist:aztrial41 character:pipp petals1340 character:sunny starscout1802 character:zipp storm941 species:earth pony141985 species:pegasus186520 species:pony666901 g55410 my little pony: make your mark262 my little pony: make your mark chapter 250 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 241 spoiler:myms01e032 circlet690 coat markings1887 colored eyebrows1632 colored hooves5236 eyebrows7419 faec8414 female742891 floppy ears30881 gritted teeth6831 hmm28 hooves12504 looking at each other11920 looking at someone518 mare293345 markings765 pipp petals is best facemaker5 pipp wings1206 portrait of a princess3 question mark2595 royal sisters (g5)42 scene interpretation5565 siblings4487 sisters5170 sitting38656 socks (coat marking)2543 sunny's buttons80 teeth5061 trio6048 unshorn fetlocks16885


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