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A cute little Christmas card of Snowdrop I drew for @Joy144SK! ❄
safe987574 artist:dandy384 oc375895 oc:snowdrop468 species:pegasus185678 species:pony664766 candy3906 candy cane1383 christmas7701 christmas card18 clothing298863 cloud18225 cute126903 cutie mark28408 extended trot pose19 eyebrows6763 eyebrows visible through hair2371 eyelashes5155 filly35811 food41725 hat52704 hearth's warming516 holiday10756 looking sideways at you90 ocbetes3700 open mouth81614 santa hat3505 snow8573 socks37196 solo626375 stockings19080 striped stockings102 tail15370 thigh highs19787 traditional art65817 wings69566 young1455


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