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From source (14 January 2023):
Her mane is pain.
Enjoy this Izzy.
safe987541 artist:zeepheru_pone46 character:izzy moonbow2114 species:pony664733 species:unicorn184283 g54879 abstract background8883 cheek fluff3566 chest fluff23067 colored hooves5031 cute126884 ear fluff17982 female741183 fluffy8884 full face view379 gradient hair2574 head tilt691 hooves12183 horn30912 izzybetes572 leg fluff2149 looking at you98586 mare291768 multicolored hair4869 open mouth81600 signature15782 simple background234816 sitting38429 snow8571 snow on nose6 solo626348 unshorn fetlocks16628


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