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From source (17 January 2023):
Winter or Summer Solstice? By me:)
safe987574 alternate version22122 artist:arkhat5 part of a set7447 character:princess celestia55893 character:princess luna65713 species:alicorn136364 species:pony664766 g4279638 clothing298863 crossed hooves1223 crown10394 dialogue44535 eyes closed54509 facehoof932 female741221 hoof shoes3361 jewelry37447 luna is not amused292 mare291796 necklace11464 night15657 night sky1178 open mouth81614 peytral2045 profile5199 raised hoof28740 regalia12167 shoes22002 sitting38438 sky8749 summer solstice12 text27526 winter solstice14


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