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From source (21 April 2022):
big Posey and little Posey :3

they're probably talking about flowers or smth

#MLP #mlpart #mylittlepony #mlpg5 #mlpg1

DeviantArt description (21 April 2022):
heard Posey made a little appearance in that G5 cartoon, so ofc i drew her and the old Posey together
safe987457 artist:fluffytrashbin5 character:posey427 species:earth pony141356 species:pony664649 g16933 g54864 bow15769 colored hooves5027 colored pupils6398 cute126833 duo38608 duo female6547 eyebrows6737 eyebrows visible through hair2361 female741099 g1betes23 generational ponidox122 gradient background7759 hair bow8735 heart25527 heart background73 hooves12179 jewelry37434 looking at each other11827 looking at someone397 mare291685 necklace11459 open mouth81578 open smile800 ponidox4980 ponytail11600 posey bloom2 poseybetes19 profile5180 raised hoof28725 size difference7003 smiling150445 tail15363 tail bow2942 unshorn fetlocks16624


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